Going to Guatamala

Friday, June 10, 2011

My good friend Greg Bennick wrote me this message today and i  just wanna share this little thing that made me happy :-).

"I leave for guatemala tomorrow....i am taking a Deafmessanger journal with me"

Greg is a wonderful person making people around him happy. He works on various interesting and respectful projects. To mention fews: He is helping to collect money for people from Haiti after their land was stricken by earthquake in 2010. Working with native americans in the project called Western Shoshone nation. He also made an interesting documentary called Flight from Death. Now he is on the way to Guatamala to voluntier for Choice Humanitarian in a remote village to support villagers as they build themselves a school. He is also great performer and juggler and  I know him through his band Trial i saw for the first time in 2000 and now is singing for his new band called Between Earth and Sky. Long story short - he is great person doing great things.


Posted by: Deaf Messanger