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Monday, May 09, 2011

Here is the first part of pictures from my trip to Bali that happened in March. So far it was my shortest trip to Asia so far and I felt guilty to fligh all the way there and spend only 20 days, but I know that next time im there im going to spend much longer. Bali was amazing and even though I havent seen all of it for lack of time i had good insight into its enviroment and get to know alitlle bit of their culture.
Again I met nice people along the way and was stunned by the lenght of their trips - 7, 9, 11 months, two people that are going to travel for another 2 years and right before leaving Bali I felt im getting ready to stay much longer and even thought of extending my ticket for another month. But my girlfriend was here in Prague and I know im leaving for another trip to India in September so I decided to keep on plan and go back home on the day I already had a ticket for. But next time its for longer for sure - there is Java with activ vulcano nearby. Comodo Island with their Komodo Dragons - the largest living lizards in the World or Gili Islands with many turtles you can snorkel time...there is plenty of things to see and experience there that it would be a pity to stay here in the winter.

Staff on the boat getting us to the Manta point near Padang Bai

First Mantas I have seen in my life. They are so beautiful and magic. I wanted to stay down with them forever.

Monkey in Monkey Forest in Ubud. They are beasts! You never know what they gonna do to you....moster monkeyyyyyyssss :-)

Last day in Ubud I let my friend Sylvia to drive me to the nearby Temple.

White tip shark in Tulamben

My only picture of Richard, Vaclav and Karolina I met in Padangbai. Nice to meet people that know you and your friends. It always happen - this kinda meetings and it never surprises me.

This is the last picture i took in Bali. I met these two balinese guys at the airport. They worked in a store there and started to talk to me. They were so nice. One of them was dive master before he started to work at the airport and the other one worked in the guest house. They were really happy to have their steady jobs at the airport and it felt nice to talk to them. Few minutes before my gate opened they asked me if i would do the favor for them. "If i would buy a bottle of Jim Beam for them". Well that was a suprise after this talk. And before i told them i dont really want to buy them this bottle they gave me 17 us $ and explained to me that its too expensive to buy it coz they dotn have a boarding pass and i can buy it for them in the duty free zone for really cheap. So YES i went to that store and bought it. It made them so happy - it made me happy to make them happy. So this is the last picture i took on my Lomo camera and im happy its this one that will always bring me a smile.

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