Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I dont believe in coincidences. I really dont. So there is something else i believe in. Its that things go the way they are supposed to go. We can influence them, but there is some path already drawn. I plan to write long article about why i dont believe in coincidences, but i will do so another time not now.

The reason why i write about this is coz i just got message from my best friend Vitakr who is traveling South east asia with his girlfriend Ala. They are in Kratie/Cambodia at the moment and aparently they are accomodated in the same guesthouse (there are many) and the same room (there are many rooms in this guesthouse). I know it coz they sent me picture of that room. And in that room about 3 years ago i stenciled Deafmessanger on the wall. And its still there...and they found it....

Last year another best friend Marfy (yes i have more best friends :-)) sent me a message from Cambodia as well. From another town though. This time it was Kampong Cham also located on Mekong river far more south than Kratie. He wrote me he got this room with my stencil on the wall. There were also plenty of guesthouses (with plenty of rooms in them) in Kampong Cham and still he got into one i spent few nigths on my journey though S.E. Asia.Its even kinda scary. But still i love it. And its not coincidence.

Posted by: Deaf Messanger