“The Vegan Monologues”

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Couple of days ago i read Vanity Fair magazine which i found in the pile of newspapers and magazines in the guesthouse in Lovina/Bali. I had nothing better to read so i just went through  pages when title of one article caught my eye “The Vegan Monologues”. It was  an article by John Heilperm who interviewed Kathy Freston – former model and now the bestselling author of Quantum Wellness.
Well to be honest i havent heard of Kathy Freston and nor i have heard of her book, but its
always nice to read about how someone became vegan – as i had my own way how i became one. What i really liked about the article though were last two lines written by an author J.H. Throughout the whole interview/article it seemed  to me that  he despise both veganism and vegetarianism. Thats why the end of the article surprised me. “I will never become an alfaalfa-and-brown-rice man, but since my lunch with K.F. i have decided to give up eating all meat.”
After he told her these great news she wrote him “You have made my day!!” And even though i didnt know who K.F. and J.H. were - they totally made my day!!

The same day. The same magazine. Interview with Ken Bradshaw – an 58 year old man who is believed to have ridden the biggest wave ever surfed. Apparently an healthy man who still rides waves so heavy thy shake the Earth when they break. “He stands six feet tall and seems to be built of muscle and jaw. If you punched him hard enough you would break your hand. If you hit him with a bat you might break it too...”
Besides the interesting  interview about surfing there was “interesting” fact about this guy – that he also doesnt eat meat.
I dont know if this issue of Vanity Fair was somehow dedicated to veg  problematic ( i guess it wasnt), but it totally made me happy that veg life was discussed here even twice.

Posted by: Deaf Messanger