Prague is a very dangerous place ..

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today i met a girl and boy from n.y.c. As well as me they travel through Bali and when they asked me what country i come from the girl almost exclaimed. Oh so you live in Prague? Yes thats where i live i told her. Than she said something that made me laugh and almost cry in the same time. She said she would love to go to Prague, but she heard from somene or read in the Lonely Planet (she wasnt sure) that there are many “ Gypsies” in Prague and that all they do is they try to steal your money or whatever you have on you.
I thought for a bit and told her. “YES ITS TRUTH” than told her Prague is one of the most dangerous city in the the World probably.

and than i told her that of course its bullshit. That i have been living there for 6 years and i havent had a single problem. And that it surprise me she say such a thing coming from n.y.c which is according to some people and some travel guides considered to be a very dangerous place. Which is bullshit as well of course.
Told her than that if you are not obviously stupid and dont show your wallet to everyone and than leave it on your coffee table when you go to the toilet, than nothing should really happen. And if can just happen everywhere and by anyone and not the “Gypsies”.
I have heard before that there were some negative comments on Prague in some earlier edition of Lonely Planet and well maybe long time ago that could be more true in a way than it is now.
So if you are planning on going to Prague...or other cities try to get a valid informations and valid doesnt necessarily means to go for them in travel guides (especially not the old ones).

Dangerous Gypsies in front of the Prague Castle or on the Charles Bridge - im not sure. I found this picture in L.P. or i got it from my not sure :-)

Posted by: Deaf Messanger