Monday, December 13, 2010

Just came back from my 10 days trip to France.
I was excited to leave for Paris, coz i havent been in that city (if i dont count 8 hours i spent there when touring with Les Georges Leningrad in 2005) and since i have heard so much good about Paris i thought i will like it as other people, but...
I didnt. Sorry Parisians i dont wanna insult anyone, but for me the city didnt have an atmosphere i thought it will. Its also my fault that i didnt feel ready to fall in love with the city, coz before leaving i just overworked myself terribly and was leaving totally exhausted so what i  actually needed was going to countryside and not big city.
From all these 3 days i didnt enjoy the third one was most ridiculous:
Our bike stolen on Saint Michel – the lock we had just wasnt good enough.
The shop i went to to offer my work to just didnt have anyone working there who could speak english so with my NO french i just couldnt even explain what i want.
After waiting for  3 hour for someone who was supposed to speak english and didnt at the end i hurried to the public toilet coz i needed to use it really bad. After pressing the green button to open the all automatic toilet booth i hurriedly walked in and when i turned to check if the doors are closed i realized there is this guy getting in the booth right after me. First i though someone wants to rub me, than i realized he doesnt  but had no idea what that person actually wants, coz he just stared at me – stared somewhere behind my head and when i told him (in english) to leave and started pushing him outside he just kept staring at me taking no attention to what i say. So im standing there trying to open the door and push the guy outside until i surrendered and walked outside to meet my friend Michala who just laughed at the whole situation she just witnessed.
After this we went to meet my friend Nicolas who i met in Cambodia 3 years ago. So good to see him again and have a beer with him in the bar. We had to leave early to meet our host Celine (again i met her and her husband and 3 kids in Cambodia) to tell her about her stolen bike and try to force her into taking the money from us so she can get a new one.

Next day i went to Rennes.  It was first time i took TGV train. It took only two hours to go from Paris to Rennes which is about 500 km. So fast that you dont even see the scenery outside, but i really enjoyed the ride. And than i enjoyed Rennes. Not a big city with nice vibe and pleasant people that didnt look at me like im arrogant idiot when i told them i dont speak french.
For different reasons i even extended my trip for another 4 days and didnt even want to go back to Prague where was a big pile of work to do waiting for me.

My friend Michala who went through that torture with me. Real friend!

Our host Celine - Thanks alot for letting us stay at your beatiful place with your great family!

Celines KIDZ

Some street art

Some tower

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