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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The sad and harsch truth about diary maker i am is: that im really bad in writing down experiences, notes, thoughts from my days i spend traveling. Its ridiculous coz i make diaris and want people to write in them-to travel with them. And im such a bad example of traveler, coz i barely write down one or two notes from every day i am abroad. Its not that i dont write. Sometimes i do and sometimes i write alot, but i usually write something that has nothing to do with the travel itself. Like im in Thailand and i write about some fight i had with a teacher in elementary school and there is no mention about the Thailand itself. But in the way i find it kinda funny and i think its just the way i write and way i connect the present with past, future and fantasy.

Im in N.Y.C again. Came here with a friend for two weeks. Just to be here - to be tourists, to take pictures, go to the cafe or museum or just sit on the curb in Williamsburg and look at the people that pass us or lie in the Central Park and get fried by unforgiving sun.
Its so much fun to be back in the "city". I love it here so much that i already miss it here even its one week before my flight back to Czech Republic.
First we stay in my favorite part of Brooklyn - Greenpoint - just five minutes walk from Williamsburg. Its Polish part of the city and i kinda feel like being home, coz i can hear Polish (which is really similar to czech language) everywhere and everytime.
We go to Williamsburg alot. There are great cafes and parks and good/weird/interesting/crazy people to look on. It actually reminds me alot of Kreuzberg in Berlin. To me its just more colourful and diverse than in Berlin, but one of the main reason why i find it similar is that i just feel accpepted. For what i look like, for what i do, for where i am from. Yes its truth that NY is a melting pot, coz there are people from everywhere here. Other thing i love here is the VEGAN food. Its everywhere. You dont have to ask for the soy milk in Cafe coz they just HAVE it. You dont have to explain the waitress what you eat or what you dont eat. U just say you want it to be vegan and they just give you 10 options of what you can order and you are not even in vegetarian/vegan restaurant. But you have many of vegetarian/vegan places here as well. My favorite is Foodswings on Grant Street in Williamsburg. Just yesterday i survived one gorgeous meal Vegan Heart Attack and one gorgeous shake called Vegan Hurricane. The Hurricane was strong and brutal as well as the Heartattack but in these case i dont mind neither natural dissasters nor health problems. 

If you live here you are lucky, if you have been here you know what im writing about, if you havent been here - save some money, buy a ticket and explore it by yourself. I bet you gonna love it!


Day 1 - Frankfurt Airport - Was supposed to fly via Madrid and even had an important meeting there, but the flight was 3 hours delayed and i was forced to take tranfer in Frankfurt. Too bad i missed the meeting and othe fucked up thing is that they didnt give me vegan food as i ordered coz they couldnt change the order so fast...grrrr...

Day 2 - Grand central station - beautiful and huge place. Have seen it many times in movies and on pictures so it was great to actually be inside and see it with my own eyes.

Day 3 - Went to the Bluestockings bookshop and there was the exhibitoin of Faile just nextdoor so we went in and enjoyed its psychodelic atmosphere.

Day 4 - Oh how much i love to dig through the piles of paper thrown out on the streets. This time i found about a dozen of Nylon magazines and couldnt resist and take them home - so there are Deafmessanger Nylon Diaries coming out soon...

Day 5 - East Village

Day 6 - Found couple of posters made and pasted by Obey Giant. Still envious for Giants skillz :-)

Day 7 - Went to the Riverside park in Harlem and than had great dinner with our friend Blair who lives there.

Day 8 - Subway in n.y.c is a place to meet musicians, all kinda performers, smells, colours - its very unigue place. Like an underground universe with its own rules and life.

Day 9 - Coney Island - the place with thousands stories and legends. It really has nostalgic feeling which is difficult to describe. Have you ever been on  their famous Cyclon? Its hell of a ride and the rumour is there are people dying every year on it. Its said the "killing machine" is run by  bunch of drunks that sometimes forget to do this or that and "this or that" they forget to do may cost you a life. So one more reason to go - to survive and enjoy your life...

Day 10 - Skipped it last time i was here so i went two days ago. We were recomended to go late in the night (the Empire State Building is open till 2a.m.) coz this is the only time there is not too many tourists there and you dont have to wait for two hours in the line to even get the ticket. So we got there around midnight and there were only like 20 people up there with us. The view from the E.S.B. is gorgeous. You watch the the citi from its roof - thousand of lights, some of them moving, some of them glimpsing, some of them still and some of them dont even exist but you just imagine they are there. There was an saxophon player up on the roof and with the music he played the time just stopped. The cold breeze forced me to put on the hoodie and the security guards forced us to leave few minutes before two oclock. Thats how long we stayed there - almost two hours and it felt like few minutes. 20 bucks for an entrence fee is definitelly worth paying.

Day 11 - went to MoMa for the second time. This time we did see only the fourth and fifth floor as we saw the other three last week. SO much beautiful stuff with too many people that wanna see it. Bad combination which makes the visit kinda uncomfortable and after one hour we had to leave to breathe in "fresh" air in the little garden which is located behind the museum. Than we went to a big ping pong contest on Broodway. So much fun there and im going to upload some pictures from that evening soon.

Posted by: Deaf Messanger