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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The problem with traveling is that you never have enough. I travel to south-east asia and when there i already plan my next trip to India and when in India i check my bank account to see if I have enough money to go to Peru. And than when on the plane from NY i check the World map in the airlines magazine and point my finger back to S.E. Asia and think how sweet it would be to be back there.
Just came back from my last trip and im thinking about another one. Due to the lack of money and time i have to reduce all my travel plans – choose the most desirable places. I wanna make this clear : Im not spoiled child whose parents feed him money to go traveling. Im low budget traveler but still to get to places and have enough to enjoy them i have to work. I dont work 8 to 5 kinda work – sometimes i work much longer hours than this, but one of the privilege of self employment is that im the one who have to decide how much to work and how much time i can take off work and its sometimes difficult thing to do and im still learning and am not sure if i ever really learn it properly.  And i dont make fortune selling the diaries i make, but make enough to pay my rent and save up some money for the trips – not more than that. Dont worry i dont complain about it. I still love my work and i know why i have chosen it above other working opportunities – its  that freedom i have, possibility to take time off any time and dont be scared that my boss will fire me. And i can even say i kinda live a dream and hope i can live it until i decide not to.

As i wrote i have many travel plans in my head but let me write a bit about my recent trip to Laos, Thailand and Israel.

I still think i should have chosen other countries, coz besides Israel i have been in Laos and Thailand two years ago.First  I wanted to travel Indonesia and Malaysia, but changed my plan realizing that two of my good friends wanna go to Thailand in exactly same time as me and Andrea  I  planed to travel with.
Still i loved this travel. It was different as i traveled with friends and not on my own as other times i hit the road. I was bit scared of traveling with other people. Partly because i didnt want to loose that freedom to make decisions by myself and partly because i know i may be hard to be around sometimes. But i think it all worked out well. I loved to share that trip with people i like alot. Me and Aja left Marie and Zbynek in Siem Riep as they were going to Phnom Phen and other destination in Cambodia. They are still on the way and in good way im jealous knowing they are not going home for next 6 months (better to write they gonna be traveling until they run out of money completely). Just got email from them today. They are in Hanoi and going to China soon and than Mongolia where they are going to catch a train on Tranmongolian magistral to go back to Czech republic.

Going same places for the second time can be frustrating - seeing how the places change, how the prices grow, how more and more land  is being destroyed. Like in Vang Vieng in Laos i couldnt find my favorite guesthouses – they are not there anymore. On their places new, bigger and gross buildings stand. The city was even more flooded by party people that mostly came all the way from Bangkok to do the well known Tubing. So when you go out in the evening you meet dozens drunken people moving from one bar to other. But besides some disappointments it was nice to go to same restaurants and meet same local people as last time.

I will write more about this trip as soon as i edit more pictures. Most of these pictures are from Israel. Aja has my dvd with most of the pics from Laos and Thailand so i have to come by her place to pick em and i will upload them soon.
Here are some I edited today:

Ceasaria - Israel

Yafo/Tel Aviv

Yafo/Tel Aviv

View from Lynns place - Florentin/Tel Aviv

Nizan and her dog looking for strayed cat

Had to take this picture :-)

Amit in the desert near Dead Sea

Siem Reap - Cambodia

Met this guy on Cambodia/Thailand border and asked to take a picture of him. He even took off his t-shirt so i can see the whole thing. Just love that work!

Man in China town/Bangkok

Sleepers in Bagkok City

Luang Prabang - Laos

Zbynek under attack of two monkeys...

Different monkeys stealing Andreas glasses. They managed to and took them up in the trunk of the tree. Little kids standing nearby helped us and climbed the tree and got them back from the monkeys in exchange for banana.

Martas cat Tchichulina


From left to right: Marta, Kashimara, Benjamin



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