Review about our 2015 diaries on Plannerisms

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Honestly, I wish I could write or speak about our work the way Laurie Huff of Plannerisms can. But maybe if I could write the same way as she I would still not do that - because I would feel awkward and would have to struggle the strong feeling for doing something immoral. Basicly I would feel like showing off and that's something that would definitely make me feel bad.

Funny part is that the review came out after all the diaries for 2015 were sold out so whoever might have get provoked to buy one couldn't do so. I love reading this review for one simple reason. Its written by someone who doesn't know me in person and have no reason to make things sound better.

If you love notebooks, diaries, sketchbooks than Plannerisms is a must-see website.

Posted by: Deaf Messanger