Wednesday, October 08, 2014


I was invited to Kassel to exhibit my work at Wild Wood Gallery. I have never been to this city and the only thing I knew was that every 5 years Kassel becomes a home for the Documenta, which is an exhibition of modern and contemporary art. That itself makes the city interesting enough but its not all that it can offer. It was a great weekend and we mostly spent it with Fabian the owner of the Wild Wood shop and gallery. He was kind enough to show us around. He took us to a skateboard contest, an abandoned factory and plenty other places which gave us a good insight into the history of the city. On the way to Kassel my girlfriend texted me that we definitely had to check out Connichi. It is an anual 3-day anime convention and the city becomes a nest of weirdos, dressed in the most ridiculous costumes you have ever seen. Of course we met Fantomas, Batman, Spider man, Gandalf, Elfs and many others we knew from the movies, among so many more we had never heard of. It was an amazing experience for me and I hope I will make it back to this city. Maybe in two years for Documenta 2017.

Thank you Wild Wood Gallery for giving me a chance to present my work to the Kassel audience.The opening party was great.


The chimney that looks like its parts flying freely in the air.

The "shovel" art at the skatepark

Urban exploring

Martin Balboa


Fabian resting in the abandoned factory

Connichi at its best

I know why Wild Wood Gallery picked their name. Found this mushroom right in front of their doors.



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