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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Im being bored and maybe boring by writing that I have been busy. So no more of this in here. I loved last month. Many things happening around me and all of them are just great so I would say there is nothing to complain and I won't. Hope you are feeling as good as me - and if not I wish you that ;-).

It´s great to have friends that give you what you need for your work. Thank you Ragwear for these lovely fashion magazines.

Vitakr taking pictures of the designs for the portfolio - of course Frida wants to be there as well

The interns of Modern Graphics (great comic shop in Berlin) are tagging the new Deafmessanger products with prizes that we just brought in.

Walking in my shoes..

Today we measured our stock of old photos - 3 big boxes of B/W photographs. Not bad I think.

I always find it a bit sad to work with old photographs, especially with whole albums. How come people get rid off them? And if they don't get rid off them because somebody simply died, why does nobody from the family want to take them home?

Finally I have a proof that Iphone exists much longer than we think it exists - at least 30 years now.

Cutting the stencil of Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde

Last year I was given a bunch of seeds-planted them to see beautiful flowers at the end of the summer. Yesterday I looked at the dead plants just to find new life sealed in its dead blossoms. Im going to put the seeds into the pot this weekend to see more blossoms later this year. The circle of life I would call it and I love it. I ´m afraid I ´m turning into a hippie.

Thaiand is still in my heart.

Sorting out old stencils. Those that I may use in the future again and those that just gonna end up in the trash bin. Its over 200 stencils and its kinda hard to make a right decision about some of them, but sometimes its just good to throw something away so you dont get stuck in the past.

Deafmessanger in Water to wine / Berlin

Frida in her Realm

Franz Kafka sprayed on the old board. Made for Fr. Kafka Museum. What do you think?

Pan Kafka na starem prkne - pro Museum Fr. Kafky. Velikost 28x15 cm. V zadu ocko na zaveseni. Co myslite?

And how do you like this one?

Mr. Banana with the banana case and the banana.


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