Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Busy month. Mainly because I'm leaving for one and half month. Asia again. First to Myanmar and than Thailand. Oh I cant wait to be out of this cold. It always serves me good to get new power for our work and Im already excited to be working on some new designs for our notebooks. Also new products coming out soon after Im back.

Packed for a one month holiday

The stock for the Museum Of Alphonse Mucha and Museum of Franz Kafka

We' ve got this picture from Lusi Lu. We love it so much!!!

Saludos de Perú!! — v Colca Canyon - Peru

I highly recommend the exhibition of Helmut Newton in Helmut Newton Institut in Berlin

Nice set of the pockets

We even made it into a german country lifestyle magazine.  Should we be proud?

Frida thinking about the future of this stack of magazine pages

First she decided that we can use the bricks to press them.

Than she changed her mind and went for the heavy machinery

She was not sure how that would end up so she took cover in the box

Good news from Beirut: "The notebooks sold reaaally well! We only have one left and a few more calendars."

Stickers are boring. This stencil travels with me to Myanmar and Thailand so I can leave my print there.

What can u say when somebody offer you bunch of old books? U say yes we want them! But than u start to regret it a bit. This is not a bunch - this is a whole mountain of old books

Doesnt look so scary when organized under the table

Plenty of notebooks to be finished

Beautiful face in Berlin

My sweet Grandmother

I dont know this lady

Our friends won this in the auction

Making a new floor


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