Monday, October 28, 2013

Well its 28th of October. The month is not over yet but I have little time to write a bit on this blog so lets do it.

Its been busy month so far. Diaries 2014 are out and we have been working on them day and night, Monday till Friday for most of October. Its not a complaint - opposite is true. Its so great to know that there are people in all these countries that still love our work and want to own one of them or give it to their friends and loved ones. With so much to do I just realized how we underestimated the preparations for these busy times. There were notebooks and diaries ready in the shelves of our studio and we had a feeling that we have so much finished but than with first big orders we realized that its not enough - not at all. Fortunatelly we have friends willing to work for us when we need it. So we called them to help us out and we managed to catch up with time and orders. We run out of the pencils for our notebooks. The ones that has "The stories are maps" written on them. Thats the real pain in the ass. But we managed to deal with it too. We ordered new ones and before they come we just work with pencils we bought in the stationery shop.They are long so we had to cut them into half and make them sharp - I like to work oldschool way so the knife did a great job and they really have hand made touch in them now.

So even though its been stressful month it was also month when we learned alot about the dynamic of our work, about the stock we should have ready....

Anyway last week I got email from the person being in charge of Gogol Bordello merchandise. Its great band and it would be awesome to make some notebooks for them. Lets see how that gonna work. Also some new shops are interested to carry Deafmessanger products. One of them is in Beirut/Libanon and other one in LA/California. Would be great to have our products in these shops to reach more people that would otherwise had no chance to get our products.


My ticket to Russian Circles show travel somewhere in One of our Diary.

On the way to the post office

Our procucts at Prague Coffee Festival

Some "making of" pictures. The spot for Czech TV about Deafmessanger.

With Vita and Ala in Berlin.



My back hurts - but mission is accomplished - this massive pile of notebooks, 2014 diaries and postcards delivered to the Big Brobot in Berlin.

Parcels ready for Berlin, Vienna, New York and Düsseldorf

150 notebooks and diaries ready for Spoonbill & Sugartown in Brooklyn/NYC

In Radio 1 with Michal from Tribo Tattoo.

The face from the back of the bag

Here is the proof that there is not a single pocket in our diaries that would be the same.

Sid Thomas of Sea Shepherd in Prague

...picture taken 3 seconds before she fell - there is a reason to ski in the snow - it doesn ´ t hurt so much...

Big Brother is watching you!

My exhibition Connected is still on! Till the 4th of January 2014.

When we run out of pencils its time to take the carpet cutter and cut the long pencils into two and than make them sharp.

Check out this blog again to know where we are going next...


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