Beautiful present

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tohle nam minuly tyden pristalo ve schrance (tedy na poste). Krabice plna fotek. Slecna pise, ze by byla rada, kdybychom je pouzili do nasich deniku. Moc radi fotky pouzijeme a dekujeme moc za tak krasny darek - moc si toho vazime!!!

We got a parcel last week. The box full of old photographs. Woman that sent it to us thought they would fit well to our notebooks and that she wishes we would use them that way. Of course we will and we are so grateful for such a generous present.

..a nejlepsi na tom je, ze fotky pochazeji ze stejne budovy, ve ktere jsem 4 roky studoval. Jen na jiny skole, ale ta sidlila ve stejny budove. A to dotycna donatorka nevedela, coz je krasna "nahoda".

...and what I love most about these pictures is that they come from the school that was in the same building as the school I studied at. And the girl who sent us these pictures had no idea about this "coincidence".

Posted by: Deaf Messanger