Sometimes the journey is the destination - but....

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Im on the plane again.
Somewhere between Prague and London. I cant say where exactly, coz the little screen above my head show nothing but speed and distance to destination (125 miles at the moment),  head wind and...and..but cant see the name of the city we are just flying above, but it doesnt matter anyway coz in few minutes we gonna fly above another city, in few minutes we will cross another border. Thats how this kind of traveling works. One minute you  are in one country and in few minutes you are  in another one. Not really seeing how the countryside change, how the people change, how the languages change. You see the beginning of the movie and than the very end, but you have no idea what the story in between is about. So you can just guess or you are lucky enough to have an experience with traveling the same places, but not in the plane, but in the Bus or car or know “on the ground”.
Woke up at 4 after sleeping just few hours as the day before and the day before and the day before....woke up and didnt want to leave, felt comfortable in the bed . But still i woke up, went to the bathroom and washed my face, than still more or less sleeping packed my backpack and left. Left as many times before and as many times before i had to ask myself why do i need to leave? Its not what i have to do – its what i feel i should do, but why?
Fasten your seatbelt – we are landing on London Heathrow Airport in few minutes.
And than? 11 hours on the airport and than? New York. But the question is why?


Posted by: Deaf Messanger