Sunday, April 07, 2013

Sometimes it takes me quite long to go through my pictures, work on them and put them on this blog. In September 2012 I went to Stockholm with my friend Kuba. Well, that's some time ago, but as I said - sometimes it just takes a while. (Not mentioning the pictures from India that I took a year ago... Im going to work on them, but it may take couple of months/years before I ever put them here.

Anyway the trip to Sweden was awesome. First we went to Berlin and after two days we jumped on the plane and took off for Scandinavia. We got in touch with a friend who was so nice to let us sleep in the house she had been babysitting for some months (the owners left for Hungary where they have family, so for couple of years Sabina has been the one taking care of the house when they are not there). The house was little further from the city center, located in a beautiful area. I never thought I would see deers in the streets of a city with the size of Stockholm, but it really happened. Three of them were coming from the garden of our neighbour, where they were feeding on autumn apples.

The reason to go to Stockholm was to find new shops for Deafmessanger products and humbly I have to admit the mission was quite succesful. We found 4 shops that now host our notebooks and postcards. They are all nice shops with really friendly people running them.

We had great times in that city of magical nights and days full of nice moments.

Stockholm shops selling our brand: 

Hedengrens bokhandel AB
Stureplan 4
114 85 

Bysis bok and papper AB
Horusgattan 80
118 21 

St.Pauls Bok & Pappershandel
Sankt Paulsgatan 24
118 48 Stockholm

Konst/ig Books
Office: Åsögatan 124 
SE-116 24 Stockholm 


Giant Kuba

I always say check your seat for the chewing gum!

I think his mustache was great.

The Giant in the mirror labyrinth.


Birds of Stockholm


What a nice moment. Meeting for the coffee with Rebekka Karijord and Jacob.


They even have a DOG BAR!

Breakfast in the garden.

Kuba in front of Konst-ig shop. Beautiful bookstore that now keeps Deafmessanger notebooks and postcards.

Even Batman needs to rest.

On the way back we spent one more night in Berlin. Luise and Kuba in Upcycling fashion store dressed in Aluc shirts. They have shirts for all kind of people. Small or Big they dress you up :-).


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