Fluff Fest 2012

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Fluff Fest 2012. You know like Xmass shows you that there is another year that has passed. Or birthday? For me its Fluff Fest. Last 13 years its been like that. Each year i go like: "OMG its been a year already?" and than I meet all these wonderful people there. Party hard on the after show disco and sell my notebooks there. Sometimes there are the same people buying from me as year ago or two years ago or...some of them have been bying from me every years since I first brought my table there 5 years ago! Thats amazing. Its the only place where I love to sell them. Normally i try to avoid selling at the markets. I dont like that, coz im not good salesman. I cant talk people into buying my work. Coz anytime im saying something about my work I have a feeling that im showing off. But Fluff Fest is the only place where I feel comfortable doing that. And I feel there comfortable for other reasons too...icecream...food...swiming pool...party....and FRIENDS. Yes the FRIENDS make it soooo special. So sad that most of them i wont see until next year/after next Fluff Fest. But thats how it has been for years so Im getting used to it....


Customers :-)

My favorite picture of levitating Luise. It was great show of Tangled Lines. One of the last ones to say, coz Tangled Lines called it quits and this was one of the last show of their final tour. R.I.P.

For some people it is all about eating. There is even VegeBurger competition. Who eats more of them and apparently Santina compete as well as her boyfriend Gijs. Im not involved, coz I dont like these burgers too much. But I love vegan icecream made by my friend Tomas. That icecream rules and I think my girlfriend Luise would even go to the festival if the Icecream wouldnt be there.

He likes to take pictures of food but he doesnt like when people take picture of him eating...weird....

Thats after the Fest. Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant Maitrea. Gijs loves coffee but more than coffe he loves sugar. So its shitloads of sugar with little big of coffee in the cup.

Love this tattoo. So smart.

This picture is amazing. It was like a dream to have all these wonderful people around me. From left to right....Greg Bennick (Trial), Blondie (the dog),Gijs, Santina and me.


On of a few colourful people on the fest....

...one day after the fest we went to eat in Radost FX. Great vegan stuff!!!

Luise working on some beautiful tattoo :-)

Swimmer - First I thought its mouse...than squirrel....and well it was bat - i was surprised how good it could swim in the pond. Have no idea how it got there but i think this little dude was happy to be taken to nearby forest

Luise tattooing Tangled Lines tattoo

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