Thursday, February 19, 2009

Its been more than ten years ago when i saw this band Endstand from Finland live near my home town. It was one of the first hardcore band i ever seen in my life and i remember talking to my friends in the car on the way back from the show. All of us just amazed by the energy and honesty of their performance. I have seen them many times afterward. Maybe 15 maybe 20 times i cant say. They had been one of the most active band in european hardcore scene - touring Europe for at least once a year and so far playing hundreds of shows. Meeting these guys quite offen it was always pleasure to see them  - talk to them and enjoy time at the venue they played - venue i came to see them. Last year they broke up, but i have been it touch with their singer Janne and we talked about my work and about the possibility to make custom diaries for their fans. Janne owns the shop in Helsinki (" Combat Rock Shop www.fireinsidemusic.com/shop/) so i sent him first package last week. I have chosen issue of their album "Burning Bridges" that i love and the lyrics from this album really touched me coz when i heard it for the first time i was in the life period when i had burned few important personal bridges myself and their song "Bridges Burned" fit well to this period. They have a plan to make european reunion tour in 2010 and i will probably make some more stuff for them. Im so happy they asked me to do so - they are and always will be one of the most important band of my life!!!

Btw if you dont know Endstand visit their myspace and check them out - these guys kick ass!!!

after you treated yourself like shit, for so many years, who do you think will come, and wipe off your tears? who will offer a shoulder, you can lean onto, who's going to give an ear, you can tell your worries to? can't fix the heart that has been, shattered apart too many times, can't find the right pieces, to fix the broken heart. it takes strength of will
to get back on the feet again. it takes guts and pride, to dare to stand up high, when the legs have been swept, after hitting the ground on your face. when the bridges have been burned. -no place to go, when there's no place to turn, -no place to go

When standing on the line means giving up I promise to take one step ahead. When silence means acceptance without questions I promise not to stay quiet. How long can we live as we want if we choose to admit everything? We're not supposed to be slaves on your machinery We're not supposed to be victims on your hook I'll burn the page you wrote about me I'm more than you know... I'm more than ink in your book Keep screaming... Never fall into silence

This was my favourite Line-up ("Never fall into silence" album) . Far right there is my friend Jani who now sings in the band Deathbed - definitely worth checking out.

Asked my friend Alexandra deLarge to make these fabric bags for the diaries

The first delivery for Combat Rock Shop



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