India 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I love India. It was my second time in this crazy country and I know it wasnt my last time there. We had only one month (funny that sometimes I talk to someone that I had only one month and the person goes crazy, coz she/he never can effort to have one month off from work/life). We had one month and many plans and many KMs to cover there. 
We landed in Delhi around 1 in the morning. It felt so good to be back there - to breathe this humid and dirty air. Just to be outside the Airport sitting on the curb and having first cigarette after 8 hours flight felt good. We bargain with taxi driver to take us to New Delhi`s Main Bazaar only for 100 Rps. I didnt think its soo  dirty cheap until he started to make up stories about Main Bazaar being closed and that we cant get the accomodation there. Felt weird but still we let him drive us to some office nearby where they called the Guest house we wanted to stay at and we were told that there is no accomodation there and other hostels are full as well or closed or whatever coz there is some unknown festival and blah blah. After making another call to another guesthouse and were told the same thing we finaly figured out its bullshit. That they are just calling different number and want us to get their super expensive supr far-away accomodation. So we told the driver to drive us back to Main Bazaar and told him to stop there that we will go to find the accomodation anyway. Again he drove us somewhere else where the Hotel costed 5000 Rps. So we told him that no way we gonna take this accomodation and told him again to drive us back to Main Bazaar and he said we have to get off his car and that he is not going to drive us anywhere. Thats when we started to be really angry shouting at him to bring us back to where he was told to take us. Again he was passing the main entrance of the main bazaar and didnt want to stop when talking to someone on the phone. So we really shouted loud at him to "Stop the fucking car" and i was pretty close to punch him in the face and i think he understood it clearly coz he finaly stopped the car where we wanted to.I felt like idiot that such a cheap scam almost worked on us. Anyway we got the cheap accomodation and had the first nigth under the colming air of fans.

Main Bazaar in the night

Dogs are everywhere are the rickshaws

I like the markets but dont like their smell (especially when they sell meat)

"Coffee" place in Imphal

evening shift

on the way to Kohima

Museum in Mokokchung in Nagaland state - collection of skulls - trophies after succesful killing of a man from other tribe.

Headhunting has been a practice among the Naga tribes of India and Myanmar. The practice was common up to the 20th century and may still be practised in isolated Naga tribes of Burma. Many of the Naga warriors still bear the marks (tattoos and others) of a successful headhunt. In Assam, in the northeast of India, all the peoples living south of the Brahmaputra River—GarosKhasis, Nagas, and Kukis—formerly were headhunters including the Mizo of the Lusei Hills who also hunt heads of their enemies which was later abolished with Christianity introduced in the region.[19] (source Wikipedia)


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