Brand new Diary

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I have a friend and she has been asking me to make "japanese" diary for her as she is so much into japanese culture.I finally decided to make this design and im quite satisfied with it and hope she will be as well when she gets it from me.

Jedna kamarádka mě už dlouho prosí o "japonský" diář, protože se o japonskou kulturu už dlouho zajímá. Nakonec jsem vytvořil tento design, se kterým jsem vážně spokojený a doufám, že bude i ona až ho dostane.

Ok so now this diary is really functional as you can eat your sushi with the chopsticks that you will find on the inside of the cover page and than you can replace them with the pen  or wash the chopsticks and and use them repeatedly :-).

The chopsticks detail...

Posted by: Deaf Messanger