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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I know  its kinda akward to add another post from Berlin since I think its my third one just this month, but it seems like I will be going to this city more often now for the reason (that reason has name :-)). So here are some pictures from my last weekend i spent there.

Took this pic for Holger - the owner of Ragwear streetwear company. Took it coz im wearing pants and jacket made by this brand and im wearing it coz I like it :-).

One reason I came to Berlin for this time  was "modeling" for fashion brand ALUC.
This is my modeling partner Lotti - she is a cute mannequin :-).

Inglourious basterds :-)

The soldiers are murderers

We had a tea and beer with Luises neighbour who owns this amazing apartment in Wedding.

There is always sun shining above the clouds

Saturday night we went bowling with my american buddy of 12 years Blair.

Luise won a shaver for bowling a strike.

Elvis is Blair. And I always thought there is something wrong with Elvis/Blair. Im talking about this number 88. You probably dont have an idea what this number stands for but if you like to know just google it.

In Freidrichshein we visited my favorite shop Big Brobot that sells our products for almost 4 years now.

Me with Ulf - the owner of Big Brobot. He really  is a nice guy and im so happy to be working with him for these years.

Another shop selling Deafmessangers notebooks - Ebert und Weber in Kreuzberg

And yes - Street art in Berlin is amazing


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