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Monday, February 20, 2012

Tenhle obraz jsem vyfotil na stěně mého kamaráda Vitakra. Udělal jsem ho asi deset let naz5 a je to kopie obalu desky Jane Doe od kapely Converge. Sprej na kovové desce. Rozměr: 700x400 mm. 
Took this picture in my friends apartment. I made this copy of Converge cover album Jane Doe about 10 years ago. Spray on metal. Size: 700 x 400 mm.

Original Jane doe Cover by  Jacob Bannon - Love his work so much

Girl in a bus

Primitiv Aťko na schodech pražského klubu 007

Primitiv Aťko na schodech pražského klubu 007

I love skype calls. Especially when the other person Im speaking to sits in her warm room in Australia and she goes with her computer to a balcony to show me how peoble walk on the sidewalk almost naked because it is: "So hot outside I dont even wanna go out". And when we finish this call Im looking outside to see snowflakes falling on the roof under my window. This is not fair!!!!

Skype fight - Prague vs. Melbourne

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