Berlin again...

Friday, February 17, 2012

On the way to Berlin there was a sleeper. Apparently he went to all 5 floors. I hate these t-shirts, hate what they call pub crawl.


On Saturday we went to Upcycling fashion shop co-owned by our friend Luise we stayed with whole weekend.

We met this guy. In the apartment but later  on the street as well :-) with cute bike.

Original fashion brands, nice staff...what else you need. If you are from Berlin or going there make sure you come by.

Ondra checking our notebooks - i think it was first time he saw them. And of course he thinks we are hippies.

I told you. Nice staff..

In one pub in Kreuzberg

With these gloves and map you cant get lost

One of many things I love about Berlin is street art you get to see on every step

Last 3 months I have been tattooed 3 times. With this pace in a shor time  I wont have that much free space left on my body.

Drawing a whale - what a great design!

Check out the shoe

I dont know why I do this to my body - I guess because it just make too much sense to get tattoos from your friends

I know it - i was already writing about this in my last post from Berlin. But I just love there is so many vegan places where you can go and eat. This time I think we didnt do anything else but eating. It was too cold outside to do any sighseeing so we spent all our time going from place to place to eat and drink coffee. Thinking about that it wasnt that much about coffee this time, but the food. And what a delicious food!

Saturday night we went dancing. Me with my only shoes I had in Berlin. My winter shoes. They matched well with the floor - fuck fashion and be warm - that was the rule of the night - at least for me.

My favorite tattoo ARTIST - Lujsička



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