Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Took this picture for my friend Tomas who always says "everything is wrong". Or says that its too late to make things better, to live better life.....When he calls me this picture occures on my cellphone display.When i told him he wasnt so happy but well he got what he asked for :-)

Notebooks ready for: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Vienna, Istanbul and Rouen

Novoroční výlet na horu Říp s kamarádkou Bet a jejím Šklebákem Vincentem.

She said it looks like U.F.O. Well I havent seen U.F.O. so far...so maybe it really was U.F.O.

This picture-this place is just nostalgic to me

Picture I took for my ex. She liked to take pics of strangers asses.

My favorite ladies from my favorite Restaurant. I love what Mancho has printed on her Apron - "SAVE PLANET EAT PEOPLE" :-D

Jesus on my wall with the street bible underneath

I heard this joke recently: How to recognize person who has Apple? He tells you that!

Sakra ted přemýšlím nad tím, co jsem kdy komu řekl a v jakém úmyslu....

Our workshop getting more and more messy

This happened to me after visiting my parents. No they didnt punch me in the face for not being here for so long. It was a dentist - surgeon who put implant in my mouth. Everytime I look in the mirror I see Platypus :-)




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