Another scar that will never heal

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My good friend Ondra called me couple of months ago to inform me that he has perfect design he wants to tattoo me when we meet next time. Of course I agreed, but when he later showed it to me I had to say no. I just didnt want to have it in my skin. What he showed me was: drawing of a gravestone with "end" carved in it. Well my last tattoo says: NO and I think I wanna continue in more possitive way.
Than we chose Bulb - to show my surprise when he showed me the design + to say that from now on we kinda know what we want.....which is not true, coz I still dont know (and i dont think he knows either)

Ondras wife Jana drawing the Bulb on my leg.

I think it was first tattoo Ondra did to anyone. I have done it couple of times before but his hand was more steady than mine.

Friends with Bulb forever

Posted by: Deaf Messanger