Fok Julle Naaiers

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Die Antwoord. Never let me down. All songs good, all songs fokkin (fok i dont even know how to write fokkin...) serious.
In this one Ninja has best fokkin mustache ever and Y0-Landi has all these butterflies that sit on her, fly around her, gets out of her mouth and I dont know what else they do but i guess many thigs :-DDD. If you dont know them (not the butterflies) check them out. When you dont laugh its your fault and when you laugh there is something wrong with you and you should be ashamed coz they are FOOOOkin serious.Dont lose your time and watch it. You have to anyway. Coz they wouldnt forgive you you havent. And I wouldnt forgive you either. I have no mustache and no butterflies in my mouth, but who fokkin cares ;-).

u can watch the video is HERE.


All my f**kin life I lived a normal f**kin life

Til I went and got myself caught up with the mic

And the beats coming dope with the rhymes and the flows

In real life trying to cope with the highs and the lows

I got sick and tired of getting treated like a stupid f**k up

So I f**ked my enemies up one at a time and blew the f**k up

Before it was like, yo, whose this stupid weirdo?

Now it's like a new breed of rap superhero


To defeat these devils, Ninja becomes a devil

These God-forsaken wretches will never be on my level

Wies Jy? F**k you and your whole crew [Who are you?]

I got you stressing double guessing cause I won't do what I'm supposed to

I don't know you, papi say hello to

My little friend two friends I'm telling you and I told you

Wat? Try to speak but your tongue's frozen [What?]

In South Africa I sleep with both my eyes open

u can watch the video is HERE.

Posted by: Deaf Messanger