NYC 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some pictures from recent trip to New York City. I just love this city!

In front of our favorite cafe Tiny Cup

We spent wonderful afternoon on Coney Island with our friends Janek, Katja and their son Nikita



I dont know why but Ann never wants to be on a picture. Well I didnt respect her wish and took picture of her anyway

The house where we stayed is Ryans house. He lives there with my friend of decade Ann. This is Ryans cat - he has 3 or 4 but i cant remember the name of any of them. Ryan makes great ART. Check out his website.

Right on the street we stayed (Lexington streen) there was great Bakery. Guess what its name was?

For a bit I thought im in Israel - Jewish part of Williamsburg/Brooklyn

And somewhere else. I think we moved from Israel to Latin America

Girls on the stairs of house number 212

And some kiddos somewhere else

If there is my favorite bridge in the World  its this one

This made my laugh

Its funny to take picture of people taking pictures. At least this one didnt know Im there.

Im sure this kid is not the only one...

Gabriel Royal playing and singing for "us" on Bedford Avenue

I love this one! Big Brother is watching Youtube :-DDD

Occupy wall street

I love taking pictures of people standing/walking/sleeping...blah blah in front of Big Photographs

Cops occupying Wall Street

Thats what you see coz you dont see the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre.
We wanted to go to the September 11 memorial Museum but unfortunatelly we didnt book our visit before going to NY and when we tryed there was no place until 2 weeks after we left the City.

Some hoose on the street

Madness of the Times Square

Grand Central

What I love about New York is music or some kinda performance you get to see on the streets, on the subway or in the parks....I wish Prague would be at least a little bit like that, but its fucking policy never allow this to happen. What a pity!!!

And there is always way home :-) :-(


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