Tattoo Convention in Berlin 2007

Sunday, February 01, 2009

I went through my old computer and found these pictures from nice weekend i spent in Berlin in the winter 2007. I dont really like Tattoo Conventions, but there were some high-lights there that made it more exciting and comfortable.

Dnes jsem se hrabal ve složkách mého starého počitače a našel jsem v něm fotky z Tattoo Convention v Berline v zimě 2007. Všeobecně akce tohoto typu nemám příliš v lásce, ale "konvence" v berlinském Friedrichshainu je opravdu na úrovni a bylo k vidění spousta zajímavé práce. Navíc  jsem tam byl s Peterem a Michalem z pražského Tribo Tattoo a tak jsem měl o zábavu postaráno.

This was my favourite studio from San Francisco doing traditional bamboo tattoo. There have to be two people present during the tattooing process - one who do stretch the skin of tattooed person and other one who actually do the tattoo. It was pleasure to watch them working.

wondering what music she was listening to.....

Tribo tattoo....two badgers in work

Came over the Modern Graphics store and found my journals displayed in the shopping window.

Our stand at the Tattoo Convention

I love this poster pasted on the apartment building in Kreuzberg





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