Last two days

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Two days ago I went to Bratislava/Slovakia to meet my great friend from Seattle Greg Bennick who had played there show with his amazing band TRIAL. It was so nice to see him - it always is coz he is the person you just fell in love with. Besides him it was nice to see other friends that attanded the show.

After the show we had 4 hours drive back to Prague. So i went to sleep 4:30 a.m. and woke up 6:20, coz i had to take a taxi to the castle near Prague where I was starring in commercial for Lenovo. Well dont worry its nothing I would be really proud of doing, but in the end it wasnt too bad and most of the people working there were really nice.

I met this guy from N.Y.C. who worked as art director for the Lenovo commercial I somehow had to act in :-). I was told he  owns one of my notebooks.So I asked him and he really does. So here is picture of Mason and his notebook.

I loved the dress she was wearing but Im also pretty happy I dint have to wear it myself :-)

...and the cake is real

...and this girl is not real

Yesterday I also finished this custom photoalbum



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