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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Its two days now since I came to Paris  to visit my girlfriend and having my afternoon coffee in their beautiful apartment I finally have some time to post a blog  about my trip to Krakow.

Me and my FRIEND.FRIEND Vita went there to find a shop for Deafmessanger journals. Ive heard just good things about the city, but was really impressed by its atmosphere. I loved its small streets and busy square in Kazimierz (the part of the city where we had our guesthouse) where either locals and tourists come to have  Zapekanki (pizza like dish made of baguette and cheese and other stuff of your choice) and what was the most surprising thing to me how stylish their pubs/bars/restaurants are. Yes its truth there are some great places in Prague, but just very few can reach the heights of the ones I saw in Krakow. Seems like each of them was designed to look differently than the one next door so they all look unigue. If its not far away to Krakow I recommend you to visit this city. And if you plan a trip to Europe make sure you make a space for few days in this city - you will be rewarded as we were.

My best friend and now my working partner Vita on the seat number 15. We had spent too many hours on the train and wasted too much time waiting for them. On the way back from Krakow our train was 150 minutes delayed - luckily we still cought connecting train to Prague. Otherwise I wouldnt catch my morning flight to Paris. Its waste of time to complain about the polish railways - they are the same as czech ones. The only exception is that at least in Czech they tell you in czech, english and german that the train is delayed. In Poland they dont really tell you anything and thats kinda fucked up....

Big Brother is watching you....everywhere

Well done

It can be frustrating to be vegan and have hunters instict. I think its why I catch "wild" animals. I let them go after a while but still I cant help it and need to know Im capable of catching them :-)

They were easy prey anyway...

Well thats really nice, but Im afraid their voices wont be heard...

Lovekrove is the place  that now has DMA journals for sale. We loved that place from the first time we saw it - passed it and than came back to have a coffee and than asked if they want our stuff and they seemed to be happy to say they would liked to.

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