How to remove thick layer of spraypaint from stencil

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I have been struggling with this problem for over 4 years now. There are stencils (cut into plastic) i use repeatedly and from time to time i just have to cut the new one when the layer of paint is too thick that the detais get completely lost. Sometimes when the paint get dry enough I can peel it away but when you use different spraypaints on the same stencil it hardly get dry at all and if it gets it takes way too long so I have been forced to cut the new stencil before I could remove the layer from the old one.

Finally I came with thought of putting the stencil into the refrigerator and let the paint to freeze completely. I didnt know if that will work since the spraypaints are made to survive even when you use them when its freezing outside, but i gave it a try and it worked!

SO here is how you do it (well if the stencil is not bigger than your refrigerator - otherwise you have to wait for the winter to put it on your backyard :-)).

Put the stencil into the refrigerator ...

Leave it there for about an hour - its probably ok to try it after ten minutes but well i leave it there longer...

When you put it out of the refrigerator make the move like you are trying to break the stencil. Thats when they layer of spraypaint start peeling off. Than as fast as possible try to remove this layer from the stencil. After a really short time the paint start to be sticky again so if you see it stick to the stencil again dont try coz you may demage the stencil and put it back into refrigerator. You can try it again in few minutes.



Posted by: Deaf Messanger