The Sea Shepherd project

Friday, June 20, 2014

Finally our work on the Sea Shepherd project is done. I don’t mean “finally" like "we couldn’t stand working on it" - the opposite is true. We loved making those notebooks. So this “finally” means that it took longer than we thought to make those notebooks. But we have a really good feeling about them. Two weeks ago we shipped them to Australia so our friend Josh would recieve them on the Sam Simon ship. Josh helped us to make this project happen. And we want to thank him for that.

If you haven’t heard of the Sea Shepherd Conservative Society visit their website to learn about their great impact on the  protection of marine life. Check out their videos to see how hard they work to protect those that can’ t protect themselves. It is humans that destroy the ocean and kill and hurt its inhabitants. Humans that prefer profit to mercy, pride to common sense…

We are proud that we can contribute with our little donation of 100 customized notebooks. They are aimed to be sold by Sea Shepherd to raise some money for their campaigns.

And we also hope that people will like what we’ve created.

When we posted the first pictures of the process of making the notebooks, we asked people to check if they can find some old National Geographic magazines, or diving magazines or basically any pictures of whales, fish and other marine animals, so we can use these for the notebooks. We were amazed by how many people offered to contribute with what they could find. We have received some things after we finished the notebooks so we still have plenty of material to use if we ever make another project. And we hope we will come up with another one!


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Mid April - end of May

Monday, June 09, 2014

Many things happened last month. Many good things happened actually. My gf Luise moved to Prague from Berlin last week. Finally we managed to live in one place for longer than two weeks in a row. The truth is I love Berlin and I will miss going there regularly but we will still go there as she has her business there and we have quite a few shops there and need to go there once in a while to keep the connection with the shops alive so dont worry Berlin. I wont forget about you.

Another thing that happened is: SUMMER. I have been always complaining that I was born into wrong country and think that somewhere warmer would suit me better - but here I am, surviving winters by partly cheating on them flying to the coutries where tempreature never drops below 15 °C. So wearing my flip flops and shorts here just make me happy and sometimes its hard to work as hard as I should when it feels just so comfortable to be chilling in a park or drinking iced coffee in one of my favorites Cafes. But good thing about our work is that there is plenty of work we can do on the terrace above our studio. And in this point work doesnt really seem to be work for most of the part.

We finished shooting the product video for Deafmessanger notebooks.  Im super stoked to see the result of couple of afternoons we spent working in front of the camera.

Its been some time ago since I visited Bratislava/Slovakia last time. I had an opportunity to speak about our work on SLAVICAJ. I loved the atmosphere of the event and people I had a chance to meet there.

Luisicka & Ai Weiwei

The duck face of Berlin

Once upon a time it gets nasty in Moment cafe :-)

Bleeding for our work - even on Sunday

We are coffee addicts and we love to trade our notebooks for the good coffee. Why to be paid by money and than to use them to buy something when we can just get that something without paying for it?

Two stools two kinds of herb. Dvě stoličky - dva druhy bylinek.

Vita took this picture. Poor guy: Enjoy these hot days with your favorite drink...frida "stealing" from my glass:we LOVE her STYLE

Dnes jsme začalí natáčet video na naše deníky. Nemůžeme se dockat, jak dopadne. 
Today we started to work on our product video. We are so excited to see how that's gonna turn out

Working on the new table

Notebooks for Rododendron/Budapest

Selling at Design Expo-Vente at Pisecka Brana Gallery in Prague



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Soutěž o velký deník Longboarder na MYSTUFF

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Do 10. června se můžete zůčastnit soutěže o náš velký deník Longboarder na MYSTUFF.SK

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Navae Lukas Blog

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Check out what  is my friend Navae Fiona doing. This is a screenshot of one of the article on her blog.

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