Diary 2015 - Diáře 2015

Saturday, September 13, 2014


The brand new diaries 2015 are finished and looking forward to meet you.

Like last year days, months, and lines are offset printed in graphic design from Martin Hula Carton Clan. But watch out! We paid a lot of attention, so that you would get the same feeling that you find in our classic handmade notebooks. The pocket planners are A6 format and the cover is hand-sprayed in our well known "Deafmessanger" style. Inside you will find an embedded paper pocket for treasures cut from old magazines and maps. Also randomly inserted old magazines pages, photos, letters, receipts, tickets, newspapers and other magical things. At the end of the diary there are some plain pages for your sketches and notes. And of course, as in most of our products there is a pencil attached to the side of the diary. Feel free to exchange it with the pen/pencil of your choice.
And YES - everyone are from recycled paper!

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Zbrusu nové diáře pro rok 2015 jsou zkompletované a těší se na Vás.

Stejně jako minulý rok i letos jsou dny, měsíce, řádky, fotky, obrázky tištěny ofsetem v grafické úpravě Martina Hůly z Carton Clan. A pozor - letos začínáme týden pondělím :-). Dali jsme si hodně záležet, aby jste z nich měli stejný pocit jak z našich klasických ručně dělaných deníků - jsou kompletně z krásného recyklovaného papíru. Diáře mají formát A6 a na obálce ručně stříkané designy naším "Deafmessanger" stylem. Na druhé straně obálky mají vloženou kapsu na vaše poklady - vysekanou ze starých časopisů. Hned za obálkou, místo přední strany je krásná, obvaz připomínající, síťka (s ručně stříkaným motivem). Uvnitř diářů náhodně vložené staré časopisy, fotky, dopisy, účtenky, jízdenky, noviny a další kouzelný věci. Již samozřejmostí je luxusní originální tužka. Jo a málem bych zapomněl - na konci je 20 nepotištěných listů na poznámky, nákresy či nalepení fotek!

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Deafmessanger - exhibition in Kassel/Germany

Tuesday, September 09, 2014


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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Last week I had a good coffee and chat with my friend Ryan. I know him as he already interviewed me some time ago for another magazine. Always good to see him and to talk to him.

You can read the interview here.

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June, July, mid August

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This picture made my day! Thank you so much to Sea Shepherd crew for taking this photo.


On the way to the postoffice I met two homeless guys digging through the garbage bin and when I saw this pile of papers they got out I asked them if I can buy it. They were happy to sell it and I was happy to get this treasure for our notebooks. I love my work!

part of deafmessanger team having fun in goa, india

One painting from my exhibition Connected hanging on the wall in my friend's apartment.

Photo by Dan Vojtech

More than 1500 pockets made from old magazine pages for upcoming 2015 diaries

50 postcards for the Upcycling Fashion Store in Berlin. Made from old book covers. And don't worry about the rest of the book - you will find its pages in the notebooks.

Yesterday we passed by these two big containers filled with trash. It turned out they were cleaning up the BRIGHT trade show. Diving into the containers we found various magazines which we liberated for our work. As it couldnt go any better I met the guy organizing The trade show and he gave me his email so I can write him to get more stuff in 6 months when the next fashion week happens in Berlin.

Todays delivery to the Museum of Franz Kafka in Prague 

One face - two pockets (for the 2015 diary)

workin on it_slowly

We've cut the water melon and found the whale

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